There are a lot of digital agencies that offer SEO services. The world of SEO has grown rapidly in the past few years, yet SEO itself as a technology is still continue to develop and sometimes SEO experts cannot catch up with the pace of SEO updates. With that being said, there are common overlooked actions in SEO that bring disadvantage to your site. You need to be careful because once trust is lost, it would be harder to gain it back. In order to help the world of SEO Malaysia to survive, here are some actions that must be avoided:

  • Do not have responsive design

Google now consider websites with responsive design to rank higher than those who do not. Responsive design is having your display automatically adapt to the screen size of the users, whether it is desktop, laptop, tablet, or mobile. Research shown that most sites today are browsed from mobile, that is why to better serve the users, Google included responsive design into their SEO algorithm. So being mobile friendly does not only affect your usability, but it also affect your search engine ranking.

  • Unrealistic SEO expectation

SEO is not achieved overnight. It takes continuous steps, audits, and research on current trends. Start small, go step by step. Take a good look on your site and business, before you tweak your SEO check whether you have appealing user interfaces, fresh design, correct product pricing, dependable customer service, and all. Your SEO would not work if your site and business do not deserve it. Tidy up your business first, then start tweaking on the SEO.

  • Hiring the wrong SEO experts

This is probably one of the simplest thing yet can become a very big pitfall. Select your SEO expert carefully because they might just claim to be “expert”. If any SEO experts or agency seems vague or indirect in discussion, try to look for other experts.

Those are some things that might sound simple but often overlooked in working on SEO initiative. Christchurch SEO Service would not make those mistakes, so you should really be careful when crafting your SEO strategy.