In 1938 the universe of ice skating changed for eternity. Hans Muller was never again driving the route forward and into the empty honored position climbed Mile Micheline Lannoy and Pierre Baugniet of Brussels, prepared by the Belgian painter and competitor Charles Landot and winning the European in 1947, the Worlds in 1947 and 1948 and the Olympic crown in 1948. Beguiling however they were, they didn’t leave such an impact on pair skating as did Fri. A. Kekesy and E. Kiraly of Hungary, over whom they had picked up choices, however who won the European in 1948 and 1949 and the Worlds once just, in 1949. For the top ice skates now, visit our site.

This Hungarian pair was current in each feeling of the word. Both were magnificent solo free skaters and, for some time, by a wide margin the best jumpers in Europe, on the lines of Button. They skated at gigantic speed, being by a long shot the quickest pair we had seen and were probably going to see for quite a while, with the conceivable special case of the Canadians Suzanne Morrow and Wally Distlemeyer, who were positively unfortunate not to pick up a title on this side of the Atlantic.

After the U.S.A. triumph of the Kennedys, sibling and sister, in 1950 (in London) there went ahead the scene another remarkable pair, Fri. Ria Baran and Paul Falk of Germany, who conveyed all before them in the European, World and Olympic (1952) Competitions. I think it reasonable for state that this pair, with their exemplary style, was a standout amongst the most lovely and exciting at any point seen.