Selling skill is not an easy job as people often reluctant to pay a sum of money to get skills and services from you especially when they perceive the skill as something they could work on, on their own. Well, being a photographer Malaysia, we want to admit the bitter truth that selling products would be a lot easier. However, as a person with pride, we know our worths, and thus, we want to share with Photographer Malaysia you the guides on how to do photography as a form of business.

Among the one that has always been practised by most of us, the community of photographer Malaysia, these three guides are the easiest and famous one which includes:

1. Find your nature of photography. When you want to start the business, you must not be greedy to cover all aspects of photography because the truth is that not all photographers can do all sorts of photography. You should try which one suits you the most and embrace your personality best. If you’re into greenery and nature, landscape photography might be your right track. If you prefer to mingle with a lot of people while doing your job, event photography could be your cup of tea.

2. Do competitors background check. Local photographers in the market are your competitors, despite being in a different type of photography that you thrive for, please do check on them too as you pursue the same industry as them. Then, cater to the area that your competitors don’t. Be real to yourself instead of following your competitors’ trend.

3. Collaborate with other photographers. Working in a group of people with the same passion as you could never be more rewarding. By having teammates working toward the same vision, you could definitely understand other kinds of point-of-view. Learning others’ perspective toward something will always help you become a better photographer as a whole.

Business; be it for service or goods is not an easy industry to be in. Although with all these guides we wish you luck in your future endeavour, we as photographer Malaysia wants to highlight that the key to doing photography as a business is to be brave, smart and perseverant in facing the contrasting wave of the marketplace that can be drowning.

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